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A Moment to Reflect, a Time to Change

Dear Brown Scholars,

The senseless death of George Floyd and the events which have occurred in our communities and country since then have caused me to pause and reflect, “Should I make a statement to our Brown Scholars?” My answer is yes!

America was founded and Americans have sacrificed over many years for our Constitutional unalienable  rights for every American. As individuals, as families, and as the Brown Scholar family, we must make a statement that everyone is valued, everyone deserves to be respected and loved, and everyone needs our support - regardless of race, sex, or age.  We all can make a positive difference in the lives of others - and we need to do so.

This tragedy of discrimination and violence cannot be accepted as an occurrence or just a moment of sadness for the victim or his family.  It should be one of those wake up calls that says “enough, this is not who we want America to be.” This is not the culture we want our children and grandchildren to grow up  and experience. When someone asks if we are an American, we want to be able to say with pride, “Yes, I am.“ Being an individual that genuinely cares for others means you stand up when it counts - and it always counts. Kindness, support, and respect do not take days off and they don’t choose who does or doesn’t receive their benefit.

Giving to others is the greatest gift that you can ever give yourself. It is time, our time, to reflect how each of us can make a difference to change the wrongs of our society, specifically, the discrimination of  African Americans and any discrimination whatsoever. Individually and together,  we can make a positive difference happen every day.

Craig Brown

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