Millie Myers Donates a Kidney to a Stranger

Millie Myers, a 2021 A&M graduate and Brown Scholar, donated her kidney to a stranger on August 4 at St. David’s Hospital in Austin.

Dear Mr. Brown and Ms. Sue,

I wanted to thank you both so much for being such an incredible support system for me during my four years at Texas A&M. I am so grateful for the Brown Foundation for all the encouragement, wisdom, and love. You both allowed me to experience the magic of Aggieland and the Aggie network, and I have had the best four years. I am so sad to leave College Station, but because of y’all, I was blessed enough to received four offers into fully funded PhD programs and will be moving up to Lincoln, Nebraska, in a few weeks to start a PhD in Counseling Psychology.

Before I move up to Nebraska, I will be donating a kidney to a stranger on August 4th at St. David’s Hospital in Austin! I’ve been so impacted by the way you both live out Texas A&M’s core value of selfless service, and organ donation has been on my heart since my friend and fellow Brown Scholar Marc Elizondo was killed in a car accident in 2018.

My kidney was matched to a young woman in her 20s who has been in renal failure at the top of the kidney waiting list for six months. My donation is anonymous so I may never know her, but I am so excited to take a leap of faith and to give her the gift of life. I would love if you would pray for me, my recipient, and our surgical teams as we go through the transplant and recovery processes.

Thank you for everything. I will never forget how much you both have changed my life and given me amazing opportunities to make a difference.

Millie ’21

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