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The Brown Foundation’s objective is to provide scholarships to the highest academic achieving, well-rounded students, who are pursuing STEM and Business degrees at Texas A&M University. Brown Scholars must cultivate leadership and people skills along with education. Graduates have assumed leadership positions in their chosen professions, and include engineers, physicians, academic researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, executive managers, business owners, community volunteers, and leaders.

There are more than 325 Brown Scholar graduates and 130 Brown Scholars attending A&M in the 2019-2020 academic year. The average Brown Scholar GPA is 3.9 and 96 Brown Scholars posted a 4.0 GPA in the Fall semester of 2019.

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Undergraduate Scholarships

Craig and Galen Brown Engineering Honors Program

The Craig and Galen Brown Foundation Engineering Honors Program (“Brown Engineering Honors Program”) has committed $20 million dollars to the College of Engineering at Texas A & M University to recruit, select and scholarship students pursuing engineering majors. Currently, there are 100 Brown Scholars are currently pursuing engineering degrees and 175 Brown Scholar engineering graduates.

HMRI Summer Research Internship Scholarship

Houston Methodist Summer Undergraduate Research Internship Scholarship

The Craig & Galen Brown Foundation (“Brown Foundation”) has been granted 15 automatic acceptances to the Houston Methodist Research Institute Summer Undergraduate Research Internship (“HMRI Internship”). The HMRI Internship is a highly competitive national program offering a unique 10-week research opportunity to approximately 50-55 students. Interns are paired with a faculty member, medical students, and post doc students in a lab focused on a single research project. Interns also attend weekly didactic lectures given by mentors, invited speakers and other leaders and participate in social networking events.

The Brown Foundation provides a $3,500 scholarship to Brown Scholars participating in the HMRI Internship. HMRI does not pay summer interns participating in the Internship. HMRI works with the University of Houston and St. Thomas University to provide summer housing for interns; however, Brown Scholars have also used AirBnB for housing accommodations.

The Brown Foundation announces the following requirements and guidelines for Brown Scholars participating in the HMRI Internship:

  • Must have acquired 30 or more credit hours;
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or better;
  • Internship priority will be given to Brown Scholars pursuing engineering degrees who have been awarded a Brown Foundation EnMed scholarship;
  • Secondary priority will be given to Brown Scholars pursuing science degrees who will enroll in a MD program;
  • Brown Scholars are required to complete the HMRI online application although the Brown Foundation selects Brown Scholar participants; and
  • With faculty recommendation and approval, as well as that of the Brown Foundation.

Brown Scholars may participate in a subsequent Internship to continue research intended for publication.

EnMed Graduate Scholarships


The Craig & Galen Brown Foundation (“Brown Foundation”) announces that Texas A&M University has granted the Brown Foundation 15 annual automatic conditioned acceptances to the EnMed program. Students who earn a Bachelor of Science from a College of Engineering degree program (includes engineering, computer science and engineering technology) who receive a Brown Foundation scholarship for undergraduate studies are simultaneously eligible to receive an additional graduate scholarship to EnMed.

EnMed is a collaborative venture between Texas A&M College of Medicine, Texas A&M College of Engineering and Houston Methodist Hospital. EnMed graduates will receive a Master of Engineering and MD degrees in four years. This first-in-the-nation program blends experiential learning in engineering innovation with medical school training to create a new kind of doctor, a “physicianeer” with the goal of transforming health care.

Brown Scholars who wish to study and receive conditional admission to EnMed as part of their acceptance agreement to attend Texas A&M University must meet the following requirements to achieve full EnMed matriculation:

  1. Maintain an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.75 or higher;
  2. Complete Texas A&M Medical School undergraduate course prerequisites;
  3. Achieve a 90% or higher MCAT score;
  4. Maintain good academic standing in the College of Engineering Honors program for at least one year;
  5. Perform at least 80 hours of service or volunteer work through appropriate Texas A&M student organization, department, college or university activities and /or community, religious, or other service oriented organizations over the course of undergraduate education;
  6. Achieve and terminate in good standing at least one leadership position* within Texas A&M University over the course of undergraduate education; and
  7. Conduct research*, preferably medically related (including Houston Methodist Research Institute 10-week Summer Undergraduate program for Brown EnMed Scholars) and/or medically related engineering research, for at least two semesters over the course of undergraduate education.

Admission to the EnMed early admission program requires adherence to the Liaison Committee for Medical Education (LCME) requirements including, but not limited to, an evaluation of the student’s completed application and an interview with the College of Medicine Admissions Committee.

*Acceptable activities provided by Brown Foundation; activities not pre-approved subject to approval by Brown Foundation

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